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 502 bad gateway 
when i try to ping the url i get a 'general failure' (though that might be talking about me rather than the site ;P)
Any admins able to check?

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I've noticed this problem too...been like that for at least a few hours now.

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@cbanack: yeah. was working this morning for me. 
Any admins know whats up?. 
its too bad this post isnt viewable in newest posts tab.
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I have some problem. API-server is down.

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I think problem only with api.comicvine.com, becuse api.giantbomb.com work.

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+1, anybody care to have a look at this? 
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Hopefully this is just some temporary thing.

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Still down as of 12:35PM EST :(

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Was fine a minute ago but now it's out again.

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Down again (9/22 1916 EDT)

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Maybe they're finally doing work on it... 
A boy can dream, eh