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Hi all
I am currently developing an app that is pretty much like the Collectorz's Comic Collector. I mean, I didnt start it yet, but I have to make a project for this class o' mine, and a comic collector is just what I want.
What I want to know is, is it better to make it an web app or desktop? I like stashmycomics.com, but it is very slow and unstable, so I would use the API to develop something like that. Still, it is no easy task, and I would like to ask: is there a free app that already catalogue comics using comicvine's API?
And the last question: what this app can't miss in its first launch? Something very useful for me is the checkbox "Read", so I can search for what I have read and what I have not.
Thank you very much,

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Hey, i'm trying to do something very similar too! Not for class, more as a hobby in my off time. If you are allowed random help and are going to be working with Ruby on Rails ( MVC Web Framework ) please let me know.
As to your question, i dont know much about desktop programming, Java would be the easiest to make a gui with and there's tons of help for that.
I'm trying to learn ruby and ruby on rails, so i'm trying to make a web app that will catalogue comics for multiple users.
If you try the api, you'll learn that it's not good for querying search data and the best bet is to create a local database to move the api information into.

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  @RMontanaro:  I always lean toward online solutions.  Build a webservice!

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I think we're about 1.5 weeks too late Red LAMP.

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@aslambilal said:
"I think we're about 1.5 weeks too late Red LAMP. "
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Well i'm still trying to figure out how to get rails to talk with javascript frameworks so that i can have a neat UI for my rails comic organizer. WIsh i knew where to start lol.

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I don't know if you've finished your application, but I've started doing a similar one using python. I've done most of the work for the data fetching and xml parsing. Now I've trying to learn wxPython to do a neat Gui. I also need to setup a MySQL database.
I'll see later for a webservicce since python can be used for CGI-scripts.