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 The Google Code Project Page. Direct download link here
To install: 

  • Extract the zip file to you XBMC video plugin folder, usaly:
    Windows Vista: \Users\$UserName$\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\plugins\Video 
    MAC: $HomeFolder$/Libary/Application Support/XBMC/plugins/video 


  • Play all videos from ComicVine.com
  • Two sort methods (Title, Date)
  • Choose between High (1500 kbit/s) or Low (700 kbit/s ) video quality   
GiantBomb Video plugin for XBMC media center thread.
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@BuggeX: Nice!
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rad dude. rad.

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Trying it now. 
So first... gotta download the XBMC player found here. 
Wow, done that was fast, I got it working :).  Great job @BuggeX: