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As you know, Comic Vine is a huge database full of information on comic books, characters, news, images, etc.  Because we're such nice guys, we've made all that data available for non-commercial use. Through the API site you can access our wiki-structured data in XML and JSON formats.  With that, you can write an application that has full access to our site.  How rad would an iPhone app be with Comic Vine's data?

If you wanted to use it for commercial purposes, we ask that you get in touch with us first.  For more information including getting your API key, click over to  For community support, you can go to the API developers board.

If all of this doesn't make sense to you, there's no need to worry about it.  Continuing doing what you were doing.
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makes awesome sense.

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If you want to build an application with Comicvine data ( comic issues, characters, teams, etc ) just sign up for an API key.  It's the same API that is on and -- but specific to comics.

Please don't post in this thread if it's not about the API.  Please also don't post questions asking what an API is.  This thread is for software engineers.

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I just stumbled upon this from mining through the archives of the site, I'm confused <3

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Hmm, I probably shouldn't bump this, but am I to take this API release as an indication that Comic Vine will not be setting up it's own application for mobile devices?

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Is probably epic but I don't what it means

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hi i'm having this problem