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I don't know if this was answer in book in the past (too many to read), I'm having a hard time figuring out whether this is an alternate universe from 616 or not. Things that make me think is it are it seems like Spider-man was cracking jokes like the old Peter Parker and not like Peter "Octopus" Parker. Also the image of Beast that we've seen looks like the pre All-new X-men Beast. Now what really has me confused is that there is a Superior Spider-man tie in issue and Dan Slott on Twitter today "Superior Spider-Man IS the Spider-Man of the Marvel Universe in ALL the 616 titles. Can't be any clearer than that. :-)" So which is it? Anyone know?

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I sure hope it takes place in 616, but I honestly couldn't say.

The comic will probably reveal it in a later issue.

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Bendis said it's cannon, so yeah.

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Does cannon mean 616 or cannon in another universe?

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It does not make sense for this event to take place in 616.

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This explains it:

Marvel has stated that all art for the series was completed before it was solicited, ensuring deadlines are met and that there will be no more than ten tie-ins to the four-month event.


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There will be some way to reverse it. Too much devastation and character death for it to wind up in the 616. Whether it's an alt-U (e.g., Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past), an alt-timeline (shrug, most alt timelines become alt universes in Marvel), or a pocket universe (e.g., Age of X), we'll have to see.

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Thor is going to fly around the world backwards in the last issue.

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As much as I find the killing of Black Panther very....amusing after AVX, I'd prefer the Marvel U to try to remember its based on our world and it not post Worldstorm Wildstorm.

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It took place right after Avenger's 12.1 so before Fear Itself.