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Wolverine's healing factor protected his brain from being fried by fusing adamantium with other metals in his body. Although his skeletal structure has the hardness of true adamantium, his skull is the exeption. His skull only has the hardness of secondary adamantium. Mixing fresh adamantium with metals lowers it's melting point. His healing factor set this secondary adamantium to vibrate temporarily to lower the melting point even further. The final melting point was 98 degrees fahrenheit for the next 5 to 10 minutes. Then of course it hardened and the melting point started rose to whatever it is. If his healing factor would have allowed his skull to have the hardness of adamantium, his brain would have been fried because of the high temperature of 1,500 degrees fahrenheit. Recently, Wolverine and Magneto got into a fight. Magneto was like "I am the master of ALL metal" and removed Wolverine's skeleton. He healed back with normal bones. Then, they did a secret experiment to put the adamantium in Wolverine's bones again. It worked! Adamantium bones all over again. This time after Wolverine healed, Wolverine still had a skull with the hardness of secondary adamantium. They injected adamantium in the outside of his skull and Wolverine's healing factor produced the REAL AND PURE adamantium beta 1 micrometer thick that covers the secondary adamantium, protecting him from any more bullets of true adamantium penetrating his head (unless the bullet is travelling at at least 20,000,000,000mph). I forgot to mention that a coating of gallium (III) oxide on the outside of his skull produced by his healing factor insulated his secondary adamantium skull and his brain from the extreme heat of molten true adamantium. This layer is now forever sandwiched between secondary adamantium and true adamantium. Which means that his skull is now forever insulated.
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I would agree with you.

assuming the size of the bullets are the same, if the bullet is heavier that means it is more massive, which is actually not a good idea for bullet since for the same firepower from the gun you have less energy transferred into the heavier bullet than the lighter one for a given impulse.

correct me if I am wrong.

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@xerox_kitty said:

It's also a waste of resources. Adamantium is meant to be a rare metal that's difficult to extract. To form it into bullets which are instantly wasted the moment you fire them seems like a complete waste.

I never understood how Adamantium bullets were meant to penetrate an Adamantium skull :p

Adamantium is just the most dense thing in the universe. Diamond is what is the most dense thing in real life on earth and they use diamond to cut more diamond. As for them saying adamantium can't cut adamantium is obvious. If you bang two diamonds together nothing is going to happen. You need it to be sharp and have lots of energy behind it. This is just common science.

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Who has ever used adamantium bullets anyway?

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Given that adamantium in ALL its variants is extraordinarily expensive to produce even by the standards of the US federal government(which of course is WAY richer than its Russian counterparts, Soviet and presumably post Soviet), I really fail to see the point of such a measure unless Uncle Sam wants to go bankrupt!