Superman Family Adventures #9

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The Good

I liked that the comic starts in the city of Kandor. We get to see a new color of Kryptonite. It's periwinkle. It's very funny what happens to Superman when he gets zapped with this Kryptonite.

Last issue Lara, Superman's mom, was freed from the Phantom Zone. This comic kind of continues from last issue. Lara is very kind and excited to get all the powers that Superman has on Earth. She's at the Fortress of Solitude with Supergirl and Superboy. She also talks to the people of Kandor, in the bottle.

Brainiac comes to Earth to take over and make destruction and doom. He works with Lex Luthor by ordering him around. I think they make a good pair since they're both evil and not very smart, for the most part.

This comic has lots of interesting parts. After each page, you just want to get to the next page to read more of the story. I like all of the colors that were used. The background during the dancing scene was colorful and crazy. There was a lot of funny parts and the art is really good.

It's cool that there's a game at the end where you have to find all the differences between two pictures.

The Bad

There wasn't anything really bad about this except it felt short. I wanted it to keep going.

The Verdict

This was a funny and active story. It had lots of cool scenes with Brainiac invading Earth and when he entered Lex's lair in the sewer. I didn't know there were other colors of Kryptonite besides green and red. I had a fun time reading this and can't wait for the next issue.


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