Guarding the Globe #4

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GUARDING THE GLOBE is new to me. I'm a big fan of INVINCIBLE, which I normally read in trade, but I've never read an issue of this volume or the one prior of this series. Can a new reader just jump right into this series with no problem?

The Good

There is a lot going on in this book, and it feels like almost anything I'll mention, story wise, would be a big spoiler to the book. That being said, this issue wraps up one story line and moves on right into the next. It's a great transitional issue that keeps the reader on their toes and all along setting up something pretty darn awesome.

As a person who reads INVINCIBLE, I felt really comfortable jumping into this book. Sure, I was utterly confused with the story, but I enjoyed what I read. I can't say new readers should pick this one up, but those who are avid INVINCIBLE readers will find this book like a warm blanket filled with hugs.

Closer to the end of the issue, we get this fantastic scene between Best Tiger and Outrun. Best Tiger is easily one of my favorite characters in this book. He's incredibly cool. I love the way he talks and his dialogue with Outrun. Sure, he's just another super-tough martial arts guy with a guy, but he's done the right way. He's incredibly awesome and interesting.

If you haven't realized how awesome Todd Nauck's work is from the numerous Mystery Art Challenges G-Man has done with him, then this issue will make you a believer. His inks and pencils, along with the colors of John Rauch make INVINCIBLE readers right at home with some similar elements to Ryan Ottley, but with Nauck's own distinct style. While Phil Hester's writing is great here, Nauck and Rauch's art is the highlight of the issue for me, especially the beautifully drawn final page of this issue.

The Bad

There is an incredibly emotional scene in this issue, and as a new reader, it didn't hit me, obviously, but it really felt a tad over-the-top and a bit cheesy. Again, this is coming from the viewpoint of a new reader. Regular fans will probably not feel the same way.

The Verdict

GUARDING THE GLOBE 4 is a ton of fun and a perfect book for INVINCIBLE fans looks for something a little extra on the side. This is a great wrap up issue that leads on to something much bigger. The issue has quite a few big reveals in it, so it will keep you on your toes. Writer Phil Hester does a great job from start to finish here. Todd Nauck and John Rauch's art is great on this issue as well. While I felt a bit lost as a new reader, scenes like the one featuring Outrun and Best Tiger really made me feel comfortable while reading this issue.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue. It was tons of fun and a book I plan on continuing reading.


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