Avenging Spider-Man #5

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The Good

I love when a book blows my expectations away, and Avenging Spider-Man #5 did just that. I love Zeb Wells writing, and Leinil Yu is one of my top 5 favorite artists, and while I didn't think they'd mesh together, I was blown away with how well they worked together on the page.

Yu's art is phenomenal. By far, the best piece in this issue is the two-page spread featuring Captain America remembering his time in the war. We get classic, memorable Cap scenes, like Captain charging in with other members of the military, Cap punching Hitler, and Cap riding the rocket, all around Cap's star on his costume, in a contemporary style. I would hang these two pages on my wall. It's amazing.

There's another great splash page, later on the issue, featuring Cap and Spider-Man charging into battle. This one page contains so much great action and is an amazing moment in time. I would buy this issue just for the art.

That being said, I would buy this issue just for the writing as well. Wells has an insanely great sense of humor and captures Spider-Man incredibly well. The one-liners are there, and I love how other characters get a bit annoyed with Spidey's "talk it up" fighting style.

Aside from that, this is a wonderful story. Aside from it being funny, it's great to watch this connection between Parker and Rogers grow throughout the issue.

The best part is that anyone can pick this book up, read it, and not be confused at all. It's a one-shot story that pleases from start to finish.

The Bad


The Verdict

Pick of the week! That's right! This beats out Aquaman for me. This is a fantastic issue, and it kept a giant, dumb smile on my face from page one. What this book lacks in action it makes up for in a great story about two classic Marvel characters. Wells and Yu work so well together and Yu's artwork is beautiful from start to finish.

Wells is a great writer and I love his sense of humor on this issue. This is a great issue for a new reader to pick up since it's essentially a one-shot story, and it's more than a bunch of characters beating up bad guys. It's about the connection between two classic Marvel characters.

One again, this is my pick of the week. You will love this story.

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No Greg Land = Automatic improvement

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Is it just me, or are the Serpent Society appearing a lot now?

...where's Diamondback?

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Absolutely agree, this was amazing, the character stuff between Pete and Cap was fantastic, unlike Astonishing X-Men which felt forced. The art was phenomenal too, especially liked the panel where Pete walks into Cap while talking about his comic. I actually found myself saying 'oh my god that was so good' out loud once I was done.

Great review Mat, quickly becoming my favourite reviewer on the site.

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Best one I read all month. Instant classic in my book. Makes me happy to be a nerd. That last few lines at the end really hit home for me. I recommend most definitely

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It's nice change to read a comic like this. I want more like this.

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I'm interested, Can I pick up it now or should I start from first issue? (no trouble, digital reading)

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@RedOwl_1: It's a stand alone story so the first 4 issues aren't necessary.

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Wonderful issue. I was smiling all the way through.

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Did anyone notice what it says in the mini-origin thingy about cap on the first page

Steve Rogers was a frail, Zeb Wells-ish young man who ...
... North Atlantic and--who are we kidding look, you all saw the movie.

Now that's cool. :)

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when did spiderman reveal his identity?

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@DrewHLMW: way back at some point during Dark Reign.

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dunno how far back dark reign is but i just got the recent volumes of avengers and new avengers volume 1 and no one seems to know who spidey is cause he's bummed they cant pay him. and since these are the current series i'm assuming they take place after dark reign?

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I had a constant smile and almost shed a tear of happiness from reading this issue. Beautiful writing and stunning artwork accompanied this brilliant piece of work. Excellent review Mat!

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You know many people find it weird but is cool how Avenging Spider-Man focus on show the fans how Spidey gets along with his team mates

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