Mutant Ability and Secondary Mutation thoughts...

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It's a little sad that while secondary mutations were being thrown around, Forge wasn't given one that's a little more active than his passive current ability. It'd be nice if they'd made him a technomorph, like Scalphunter, since it would fit amazingly with his current ability to build any machine he could put his mind to. Since his understanding of the inner workings of machines is unconscious, psionically forming machines instantly with his mind from things around him would be natural.

Where, on the flipside, it's hard to understand how the hell Scalphunter does this with no innate ability whatsoever to understand how to build machines. His ability to instantly make guns and other weapons without even knowing how to do it is a little odd.

So, barring further developing his shamanistic abilities, any ideas on what would have been a nice secondary mutation for Forge, had he gotten one when they were being divvied out?

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I wouldn't go the technomorph route but maybe have him able to communicate with technology? A technopath?

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