Forge Respect Thread

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Forge is a character I was always surprised didn't get more respect. Let's remedy that.

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I always thought Forge was awesome. How can you not like a character who can create anything that he can think of? I wish they brought him back, they've replaced him with Maddison Jeffries who's now the "tech" guy for the X-men.

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I made a thread like this once, I can't agree with you more, I didn't even know Forge was Native American when I first saw him, because he was wearing some awesome shorts and had a metal leg. When I was like 9 I was conditioned into thinking only characters with feathers and stuff were, but that wasn't the only time my perceptions were challenged with this character. I don't know, something about him and Banshee both being X-Men reminded me, encouraged me to forget age groups. People don't have to be super young looking to be superheroes, they can be a bit more distinguished. lol 
I miss Forge, I am annoyed that Ellis actually essentially killed him because he wanted to use the character, but was unfamiliar with him, and some wack as assistant recommended some dodgy reading examples (at least thats what I have heard lol) but yeah, hope he comes back soon. He had a nice mix of techno and spiritual powers. He is in some of my favorite X-Men issues of all time. Loved his relationship with Storm.  
Awesome thread man! I'll support and contribute when/where I can. 

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He's the precursor to tech priests...
think about it The Machine Spirit comes from somewhere!

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@SC: Thanks, bud. Yeah, I didn't know he was Indian either for a while, probably because he doesn't wear eagle feathers and stuff.
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@Jotham said:
" @SC: Thanks, bud. Yeah, I didn't know he was Indian either for a while, probably because he doesn't wear eagle feathers and stuff. "
Yeah that was great. Plus he didn't have a name like Banshee, or Moonstar lol (I love those characters too) something just interesting about a character that you build into rather than just present a strong angle off that invokes reaction of a superficial level. 
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I'm glad I'm not alone.  So much unused potential in Forge.

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Forge hooked up Storm and Mystique....that's impressive right there :)

#9 Posted by cattlebattle (14343 posts) - - Show Bio

Here is one
Although he wasn't himself, This pretty much shows if Forge has preparation he could potentially defeat all the X-Men through some sort of invention

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I'd love it if Forge showed up in Uncanny X-Force, or another X-title.

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One would think Marvel would have brought him back from that stupid death they gave him by now. He was always sorely underused.

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