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Driscoll first began working with the Plumbers when Max was just a beginner. Driscoll had been kicked out of the Plumbers because he was stealing advanced alien technology for his own benefit. After Driscoll had been cast out of the Plumbers, he joinned the Forever Knights and sought revenge with the Plumbers. The Forever Knights were a villainous organization who also had the same advanced technology as the Plumbers. Driscoll soon worked his way up and became a senior executive of the the Forever Knights.

Driscoll left the Forever Knights soon after. Driscoll was disappointed with the Forever Knights and their leader Epoch of multipule failures in defeating Ben. Driscoll called himself the Forever King and tried to stop Ben himself. Even though Driscoll was disappointed with the Forever Knights, he still forged many alliances with them. He gathered 10 supervillains, they are: Charmcaster, Mojo, the Circus Freak Trio, Sublimino, the Forever Ninja, Dr. Animo, Clancy and Driscoll himself. He named this organisation "the Negative 10". He used the Negative 10 to raid the Plumber base in Mt Rushmore in order to obtain the Sub-Atom, a powerful piece of advanced alien technology. However, the Sub-Atom is protected by a powerful energy force field. There is only one way to unlock this energy shield is to recover the two keys. Ben, Gwen and Max attempt to protect the keys and later tried to prevent Driscoll from wielding the Sub-Atom. Ben transforms into Eyeguy and Gwen empowers herself by using Charmcaster's Book of Spells. Max uses some Plumber equipment and they try to fight off the Negative 10. As Eyeguy, Ben fires energy beams at all of the villains which put them off a bit. The Negative 10 eventually wins and surrounds Ben, Gwen and Max while Driscoll and the Forever Ninja takes the Sub-Atom and leaves Mt Rushmore. Gwen and Ben tricks the villains into a huge quarrel and locks them up in an energy force field. Ben takes a technologically advanced weapon from the Plumbers barracks and blows up Driscolls car. The Forever Ninja fights Ben and Ben defeats it as Upchuck. Driscoll injects the Sub-Atom into his battle armour and attacks Ben. Upchuck gathered a large amount of Driscolls energy blast and blasts Driscoll back. Driscoll is then presumed dead.

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