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Lex Luthor calls in an old friend.

This is my new style my old style was too long winded and unclear and also I didn’t enjoy writing them, but I love doing it like this.

I loved this issue and I’ve finally become properly engaged by this story, as last issue was good, but it wasn’t really as good as I hoped, but this issue stepped up the pace more and posed a few more questions that made the story more interesting, but the plot feels still a little all over the place and the Teen Titans are pretty useless in this issue. I do think that the story had better come together a bit more soon, as otherwise the book will continue to go at a slow plodding pace, I just want Luthor’s team to come together soon.

This issue has multiple plotlines going on in it and each one presents an interesting story, but the most interesting one is what Lex Luthor is doing. This plot may not have the most action, but it most certainly has the most intrigue and you’re just interested in what will happen next in the in this plot. I particularly liked Luthor’s thoughts on Rats and how it linked to the Crime Syndicate situation, as that was an interesting link between the two, but it also made perfect sense. Minor spoilers If you have seen the Variant cover by Ethan van Sciver you will see Lex Luthor and Bizarro and for once a variant is correct. I loved Bizarro in this issue he was really well handled where we finally see him properly and I really like his new origin, especially how he got his inverted Superman sign.

The weakest part of this issue was the Teen Titans plot which just felt a bit like a waste, of pages as I believe this will be explained in the Teen Titans tie-in, but they were just useless in this book. They try to take on the Crime syndicate, but it isn’t even all of them it’s just two and it was mainly Johnny Quick anyway. Also I’m not sure what Atomicca did with Wondergirl apart from (spoiler) jump down her throat and look like it’s okay to do that. I think it could have just been missed out and put into the Teen Titan’s issue it just felt, so skippable with the way it happened.

The rest of the issue would also involve the goings on with the Crime Syndicate and this is definitely an interesting set of scenes with some neat plots and mysteries going on here even though this does have the Geoff Johns feel putting loads of mysteries into the book like he did in the Secret Society issue. I do especially like the stuff with Superwoman and Owlman as that could become one of the most interesting parts of the book as does the stuff with Power ring. Also the ending was pretty shocking and it does basically answer the #1 question with this event.

David Finch’s art was good last issue, but some pages lacked proper detail and characters do just look a bit odd, but in this issue it’s vastly improved with tons of detail and the characters all look really good, but I still think his art doesn’t look as good as some of his stuff has, but maybe it’s the inker as the preview pages for this book looked amazing and in this I think it looks a bit weaker with the inking, but maybe that’s just me. I do think that Finch draws both Lex Luthor and Bizarro very well especially well and he handles the scarred not complete look of Bizarro very well.

This book is shaping up very well into a very good event and I’m enjoying it much more now thanks to this issue it still isn’t perfect and the part with the Teen Titans was very disappointing and could have been easily missed from this issue and just put in Teen Titans, but the rest of the issue was really good and I’m now more excited about this event than I was before.

4 stars

Posted by Samimista

Really a great review! Gonna pick this up probably Monday or Tuesday. =D

Posted by broo1232
Posted by Samimista

@broo1232: Your welcome and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this! =D

Posted by broo1232

@samimista: No problem! I love reviewing and I'm glad that people like them =D

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