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Little is known about Forecast's past other then he used to be a super villain that got caught. When he got out of jail he learned the art of the con and has been working the streets of New York City ever since.


Forecast was created by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu for their series Supercrooks.

Major Story Arcs


When Johnny Bolt and Carmine find Forecast he is in New York City trying to sell umbrellas on a hot and sunny July afternoon. Then he Forecast uses his weather control powers to make it rain and over charge everyone scrambling for an umbrella. Forecast goes with Johnny to Spain to pull a heist on The Bastard. During the Heist, Forecast is intrumental at using lighting bolts to take out the guard out side, and a blizard to take out guards inside. After the heist, was successful, Forecast used his share of the take to buy a space shuttle.

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