Foggy Nelson; Lawyer, Confidant. Moustache or no Moustache?

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Foggy Nelson is one half of the righteous law firm of Nelson and Murdock. Yes, his name is even first despite the Alphabet clearly saying that's wrong. So why make a thread about about ol' Foggy, in particular one about his facial hair, you ask? Well, I suppose it comes down to what defines a character visually.  
Foggy Nelson is a stout, almost laughably uncoordinated man who is almost the exact opposite of his partner in terms of appearance. While Matt is hyper-coordinated, red-haired, good looking and looks like a fashion model, Foggy is none of these things. But for a time, Foggy had a moustache.  
Foggy Nelson despite his jolly, santa-esque demeanour, is a fundamentally nervous individual. The man carries the weight of an entire firm that manages to accumulate dozens of cases and barely stay afloat financially. Meanwhile, his partner is off in spandex beating up loons named after Winnie the Pooh characters. 
But what does this have to do with facial hair you ask? It's simple. The moustache is both a sign of dominance (psychologically speaking, people with moustaches generate a more intimidating presence), and also reflects his stressed out state.  
Look at these two images of Foggy Nelson; 
In the first, he looks like a child, lost in the world of precedents and judicial bulls**. In the second, he looks like a jaded MAN. An adult. Even here in a classic Daredevil cover (top left), Foggy looks more confident, and that's what works. He's not confident. Even though he carries the world on his shoulders, he's still a very fearful man in of himself.
Someone who lacks confidence but must appear as the face of a firm that stares the criminal empire of New York in the face would do anything to alleviate that sense of self-doubt. Even something as dumb as a patch of facial hair can evoke a different reaction in an audience, and while I don't want Foggy to become another "gritter redesign" statistic, I feel this change should return and be made permanent.  
Foggy Nelson is a man, not a child, let's have him look like one.  
Also, is it a coincidence that Foggy has a moustache in the best DD story of all time, Born Again? Not a chance. Foggy's moustache brings out the best of Daredevil and his world. 

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I have always seen Foggy as an antic man of good nature whose mere association with Daredevil brings forth problems a man of his clean upbringing was never meant to deal with. I think the man-child appearance he is often given suits him. 
I do like a good moustache though

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I'm so used to his "baby face," so I'm not sure how I'd feel if he went moustache full-time. ...But he does rock a great stache.

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I cannot and will not take you seriously as long as you keep that Av.

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And I prefer him without it, lol.

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@ReVamp said:

I cannot and will not take you seriously as long as you keep that Av.

But dude, AvX is amazing. It's clearly the best comic arc ever. 
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

@ReVamp said:

I cannot and will not take you seriously as long as you keep that Av.

But dude, AvX is amazing. It's clearly the best comic arc ever.

I'm offended.

Everyone knows the best story arc is Siege. It clearly defined Sentry's character and showed how even the mighty can fall in an absolutely emotional story than shall be remembered for all of eternity.

It is definitely one of literature's greats.

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Just give him a half of a moustache. Everybody wins :D

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"Boy, that's scary!"

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