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One of the original members of the Brotherhood of Dada. During the confrontation with the Doom Patrol inside the Painting that ate Paris he absorbed Crazy Jane, causing all the personalities he had absorbed to become tormented by her split personalities. He was nearly driven (more) insane that he already was due to the strain it put on him. He stayed in the painting in hopes to rid himself of this insanity and pain.


Fog could turn into a cloud of smoke which absorbed any humans he came in contact in this form, their personalities forever trapped within the cloud as luminescent lights. There seems to be no limit as to how many he could absorb however he was suffering from delirium and sought a way to rid himself of his powers. If he absorbed people with mental instability such as those like Crazy Jane, it affected the other personalities meaning they at least can communicate with one another to a point. The torment from absorbing her was so much she became the first person he forcefully removed from the personalities. It unknown if he could gain the abilities from absorbing those with the metagene power, or if he could absorb aliens such as Martian Manhunter or Starfire.

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