Graysons TV show? I just threw up a little in my mouth

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that's a terrible idea

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i just read the blog... let me repeat what i said:

Who do I have to punch? Who's the idiot who came up with this malarkey?"

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zOMG...if there ever was a bad idea...this is it.

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If it works out like smallville, (and i think it wil) this just might be the reason DC didn't want Batman in smallville.

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Starts to cry
Please, god, please no!
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I don't really want this to happen but I would still see it if it does

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It could be worse, they could try to make a Damian Wayne tv show.  Although, growing up with the League of Assassins, maybe that wouldn't be so bad.  I wonder if this is gonna be centered around life in a circus. 

..young DJ will face challenges involving first loves, young rivals and his family as he grows up.

Sounds too much like the other CW teen shows.  I don't know if I could stand that.
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What is up with "DJ"?  Is that supposed to be hip?  Does the network have a "Dick" phobia?  They could always call him Richard.  Or Rick.  Or..the Ricker.

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G~man said:
"What is up with "DJ"?  Is that supposed to be hip?  Does the network have a "Dick" phobia?  They could always call him Richard.  Or Rick.  Or..the Ricker."
I was wondering the same thing. I think there's something wrong with calling someone Dick on TV. DJ is just stupid. I can't think of one time he's ever been called DJ in the comics. It's just one of those lame network phobia's. DJ is not hip.
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Wasn't he called Dick in the 60s show?  If my memory serves me correctly, he was. 

@G-Man: "The Ricker"?  Let me guess, Ricky Shroder, Silver Spoons reference?

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well I mean it could work but the thing that drives me nuts about smallville is its a superman story with NO SUPERMAN !!!!!!!!!!!! I mean come on how many seasons before we see the real superman? so aquaman and green arrow have suits but clark doesnt? and clark just GOES to the daily planet with no glasses? WTF

anyway I think it could work but for how long? no batman means no robin and no robin means a show thats gonna struggle to be good. I mean what could fuel graysons need to fight crime if his parents are alive and he hasnt meet bruce?

they would be better off just doing a Nightwing series while all things batman are HOT. they could start where dick went on his own never show batman and he could fight some bat villans which would draw fans.

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Their angle is to try to make them somewhat realistic.  By that I mean no tights.  That was always the mandate for Smallville, "No tights, no flight."  They really dropped the ball with the glasses thing.  I think it was in the first season that Clark went temporarily blind and when his vision was returning, he had to wear glasses.  They should've kept that.  My thinking is they didn't want to cover up Tom Welling's looks with a pair of glasses.  It's just lame that now in early 20s, once Superman does make the scene, no one will be able to recognize him? 

But with these shows they seem to want to have the characters that we know and try to put them in the teen-drama situations.  That way they can reach two different audiences.  The shows are supposed to be up until they become heroes.  Smallville should have ended when he graduated high school.  Doing a full Nightwing movie would be harder.  It'd probably come across as cheesey (look at how Birds of Prey flopped).

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I dont think it would hard to do nightwing keep it dark in lighting I mean all night battles add the teen  drama and you could have a good story.

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Well me  being the glass half full type of dude that i am. If this is going to be a teen show. We might get to see some the the original titans. Roy, Donna, Wally even Garth. That would make it worth the watch.

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This is so not what I meant when I proposed a show with Dick Grayson as the main character (DJ is just plain retard)

Other flaw with this is that Dick was already Robin when he was a teenG

The only good points I can see for this is that Dick could get a few new spotlight for no comic readers and that it could be a good way to explore Dick's childhood which the comics have really been unable to do

Who  knows, maybe there will actually be good quality in this show, Smallville was great until they ruined it and it was after a great ammount of seasons

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Who knows maybe it could make a good show but it would have been better if they made a show about Jason Todd.
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The CW has grounded The Graysons before they could even get into the air.

About a month ago, The CW announced plans for a TV show starring Dick Grayson and his family before the events that led to him becoming Robin. Now Variety reports the show is dead per a decision from Warner Bros. Pictures Group president Jeff Robinov, “who initially gave his blessing but changed his mind in recent days,” the trade reports:

According to studio insiders, Robinov has decreed that Warner Bros. “rethink its DC Comics strategy” and as a result didn’t want to do anything big with a DC franchise at the moment — at least when it came to “Graysons.”

“The studio has opted not to go forward with the development of ‘The Graysons’ at this time as the concept doesn’t fit the current strategy for the Batman franchise,” the studio said in a statement. “Warner Bros. Television is currently working on several replacement options for the CW.”

The trade cites a couple of other reasons that may have played into the decision, such as Christopher Nolan being uncomfortable with the show or the possibility that having a Batman-themed show on the air could hurt the movie franchise.

Whatever the case, I guess we’ll have to get our Dick Grayson fix in the comics for the time being.

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Nighthunter said:

Whatever the case, I guess we’ll have to get our Dick Grayson fix in the comics for the time being.

Nightwing is getting canceled in feb.
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G-Man said:
"Are you seriously posting this when I already posted this in the NEWS?

It's also on the FRONT PAGE.  You seriously need to look before you post.  It's funny that you link to newsarama's first report when I also reported it here October 1."
I checked the news sections of the flying graysons and nightwing pages, nothing was there. Didn't think there would be another thread for just the announcement that the show was going to be cancelled as it could be posted here..

on the creichton (spelling?) thread from the other day btw, I did check before creating the thread, nothing showed in the "similar topics window"

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