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A Canadian super-hero


Flying Fox was the son and heir of the chief of a hidden tribe of Indians living in northern Canada. For many years the tribe avoided contact with white man's civilization.

During World War II the Nazis learned about the tribe. Armed Nazis came ashore in northern Canada from a U-Boat to attempt to get the tribe to engage in guerrilla warfare against the government of Canada . When the tribe shaman (a practitioner of magic) refused to fight against the Canadian government, the Nazi commander had his men shoot and kill the tribe's chief.

The chief's son, who at that time was known by a different name than Flying Fox, was grief-stricken over the murder of his father. The shaman directed the youth to go to a lost cavern to obtain the cape and cowl of the magical flying fox. The shaman permanently painted the emblem of the flying fox onto the chest of the chief's son, who was renamed the Flying Fox. (“Flying Fox” is an English translation of the youth name in his native language.) Flying Fox also received training in the use of his new magical powers from the shaman. Flying Fox was sent by the shaman and the tribe to the to help in the war effort against Nazi Germany. He was not to return to his homeland until the Nazi scourge was driven from the face of the Earth.

With a little help from his friends

The nineteen-year old Flying Fox, arrived in in April 1942 and, along with other new young heroes, helped the All-Star Squadron defeat Axis Amerika. On the recommendation of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Flying Fox and the other young heroes who had aided the Squadron in the battle were made member of the All-Star Squadron. On Roosevelt's request Flying Fox and the other “

Young All-Stars

” went on a cross country tour of the to promote the sales of war bonds.

Most of Flying Fox wartime exploits have yet to be recorded. His present whereabouts and activities, if he is still alive, are unknown.





128 lbs.





Skills and Abilities

Flying Fox's magical cloak of fox fur enabled him to fly. His acrobatic skill aided his maneuverability in flight. Flying Fox possessed various magical shamanic abilities, most of which are sill unknown. So far it is known that he could cast a spell of invisibility over himself and that he could magically cause fire to appear and leap from his hand without harming himself.

Flying Fox was a brilliant athlete and a superb hand-to-hand combatant.

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