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Fly #2

So Fly #2 is released and it's being published by Zenescope, if you have read my review on issue #1 you know that i was on the fence on this one.
Zenescope in my opinion is a publisher that has had a couple of great titles and some really bad ones (but then again haven't all comic book publishers?)
I'm sad to say that i won't do another review on another Fly book since #2 will probably be the last one i pick up. 
So again this book has some very sexy looking variant covers, (even a naughty one, but you had to be at Comic-Con to get it) of course nothing that's portrayed on the covers actually happens inside the book.
Be warned Spoilers ahead!!

The Good

Oh man, i wish i could truly find something redeeming for this comic, i mean somewhere hidden is a story about addiction which could have great potential, but sadly in this issue it's not even touched upon. Sure one could say to give it more time to develop but i have a (somewhat) limited budget and not enough patience to wait for the story to unfold.
So besides the cover art there really isn't anything worth mentioning.

The Bad

Where to begin? Well for starters for the most part the story takes place in the past of the main character Eddie, so the art is again terrible as it was in the first issue. The 9 pages that are in the here and now are a little better but not much.
Suddenly this kid Francis that Eddie rescued from some bullies in #1 is a big expert and thus teaches Eddie all the tricks on flying. (why did this kid need rescuing in the first place? unless it's some devious plot to be revealed down the road)
So later Eddie walks his soon to be girlfriend Danielle home from school at which point he meets her abusive father (the sterotypical good for nothing fat, unshaven bastard that seems to live just to make his beautiful hot sexy daughter's life miserable)
At some point he gets a call from Danielle and at the same moment her father bursts into the room and starts yelling at her. Eddie decides to do something about it and flies to her house and attacks her dad out of sight. 
And that's it, end of this comic to be continued in #3.
What of the other 9 pages? well these show some unknown dude in Australia attacking a couple of criminals in Sydney harbor and burning them to a crisp with his laser vision (oh and he flies too!) so you can bet that he's going to be trouble.

The Verdict

Well you can probably guess what i think about Fly #2, this particular issue is just not worth reading and the art is terrible. I'm not saying that down the road it might get interesting but this was a real bore. It feels like this was a fill-in issue and it's only #2!
Which is too bad 'cause a story about a superhero addicted on the drug that gives him/her their powers sounds absolutely interesting to me. I just don't have the time to read all the nonsense that the core story is wrapped in especially when it's accompanied with terrible art and the characters are such stereotypes. 
Too bad but i won't be returning to Fly, if it gets any good down the road, let me know and maybe i'll pick it up again.
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