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So this is my first review of a comic on comicvine.  be warned it cointains a lot of spoilers.
I just picked this one up because the cover caught my eye, of course most times the art inside never matches the quality of the cover and this one is no different, especially the "flashback" pages are underwhelming in my opinion.
It's a story about addiction, addiction to a drug that gives you superpowers. Although this is mostly explained in the 2 pages at the end of the book, where Brian Truitt from USAToday writes something about the personal experiences of Raven Gregory (the writer of this comic) with the drug Meth and his addiction to it.
The story starts off strong untill we get to the flashbacks, we see the main character Eddie who has a miserable life (probably due to the addiction, but i guess this will be explained in the coming issues) getting beat up by his ex-wife Danielle who has superpowers, she can fly and apparently has super-strenght. After she beats him up and knocks him out, telling him she wants what is hers, which is of course the drug.

Then we go into a flashback, this is where the story turns bad in my opinion.
We see how Eddie and Danielle meet, basically Danielle is sobbing her eyes out over some daddy issues and of course Eddy is there to comfort her. Later we see him helping out the "wimpy nerdy rich kid" named Francis who is being bullied by three bigger stronger jocks, by telling them Francis ran in another direction. 
Strangely enough Francis is in the possesion of this drug called "Fly" which gives you super powers.
And here is my biggest problem with the book, why would this kid need any help with some bullies if he has this drug?
We see that he is not affraid to use it 'cause he takes a shot without blinking. Wouldn't the story be more logical if Eddie was the wimpy kid and get rescued by Francis and then tells Eddie to take this drug and all his bully problems would be over?? 
At this point the story ends and i was perfectly happy to give this book a 2 star score, but then we see this article written by Brian Truitt about the writer Raven Gregory, and it's a strong article, and since this comic is based on true experiences i'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and see if it gets any good.
So to add it all up:
 the best art is the cover, i like some of the art inside but the flashback pages are horrible.
Story in this first issue is overall pretty weak and unlogical and hopefully future issues are better.
ps. sorry if my english is not the best you've read, english is not my native language so i apologise in advance

Edited by B'Town

This does look interesting we'll see if the writer and artist can step it up and deliver an improved book on the next issue. I find the idea of an addict with powers one that might make a good book.

Your English is perfectly beautiful. You have written a fine review, and I will look forward to your next. Thank you.

Posted by Michiel76
@B'Town: thank you so much, i had fun doing this and i'm sure i'll do more in the future, thanks again for the support.

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