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In his civilian identity, the man known as the superhero Fluid Man is one member of a semi-famous 1960s rock music trio consisting only of three singers who play electric guitars.

When government agent Big D contacts the popular rock group the Impossibles about a supercriminal on the loose, they then transform into the superpowered group the Impossibles!

Powers & Abilities

Water Form (shapeshift his fluid body into whatever watery form he wants)

When the young rock star transforms into Fluid Man, he gains the ability to shift part or all of his body into liquid form. Fluid Man is able to become a geyser, which enables him to leap high distances and even fly for short bursts. He is able to turn one or both arms into firehose-force water blasts. Fluid Man has been able to turn into the water in a drinking fountain or faucet, the water in a fire extinguisher, a cloud, and water dripping under a door or through a window. As water, he is able to breath underwater without difficulty and has been able to douse a fire or short-circuit an electrical device. Fluid Man demonstrates an invulnerability against heat and electricity when he douses or disrupts it as well as a superhuman resilience against most forms of concussive impact, never harming himself when he rams into something.

Fluid Man appears to be made of actual water as he can be soaked up by a sponge or washcloth, and his friends have to wring him out of the water rather than his escaping on his own.

Attractive Male

Fluid Man's dark-haired civilian identity has hordes of screaming teenage girl fans following him around and begging for his autograph.


Like the other Impossibles, Fluid Man loves to indulge in puns throughout his adventures. Additionally, the three superheroes clearly love to hang out with each other, often using affectionate nicknames for each other and showing genuine concern for each other. They all behave with the unflagging good cheer of people who are on their way up in their lives but still haven't become used to success enough for the thrill of success to subside in any way.


Fluid Man, Coil Man, and Multi-Man travel around in the Impossi-Car, a flying car which can turn into a submarine or speedboat as well as turning back into the ordinary stylish car they use in their civilian identities as rock stars.

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