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Brief History

Belladonna sends Flower and other members of the Assassins Guild to kill Kaine in Houston because he refused to pay his dues and join the Assassins Guild a few years back. Flower goes in a rage when Kaine refused to run away after she told him to and throws him into a concrete wall. Kaine recuperates and webs Flower's feet as she rushes towards him. Flower trips and slams her head into the floor where she is out for the count. Kaine calls Belladonna and tells her to call off Flower and the rest of the guild because he promised to do one job for her. Belladonna accepts the offer so Flower and the other assassins leave Kaine alone.


Flower was created by Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman in 2012 and first appeared in Scarlet Spider #4.

Powers & Abilities

Tossing Kaine into a concrete wall.

Flower possesses an unspecified level of superhuman strength. She has been shown to throw people more than twice her size with ease and even punch through concrete with no ill effects to herself. Her fighting style is largely that of an undisciplined brawler - almost like a super-powered temper tantrum.

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