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Flow was one of four soldiers experimented on by General Eiling. He was tricked into fighting the JLA by Eiling. He and his teammates nearly killed the entire JLA, until Superman revealed that Eiling had been suffering from a brain tumor, and that he (and his teammates) were slowing dying due to their powers. Flow and his team then joined forces with the JLA in order to defeat Eiling. He then helped found Superbia alongside the Global Guardians to become the International Ultramarine Corps. Later, he would slowly start to lose his humanoid appearance, and would change his name to Glob.

Powers & Abilities

Flow had is mind placed into a large man-shaped body of water, giving him the power of hydrokinesis and control over his entire body. He has super strength, he is super durable and able to control is body temperature. He is also able to absorb physical attacks as well as people.

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