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With their nearly constant presence on patrol around Cobra facilities and reputation for being a nasty pain to deal with, the Cobra Fight Pod certainly earned its nickname of "Trubble Bubble".  Extremely maneuverable and easy to operate, most every Cobra operative who's had to do recon patrol has flown one.  Little more than a seat, canopy, and machine gun strapped to an engine, the Flight Pod wasn't ever really intended for use in combat.  Unfortunately for Cobra, the G.I. Joe team doesn't pay much attention to these little recommendations.

The Flight Pod weighs in at 720 pounds with a top speed of 80 MPH and a range of 120 miles.  It is armed with one XM-97 .30 caliber machine gun and two "Warlock" long-range laser guided missile, one solid-propellant SNK-7 aerial mine.

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