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Jason C. Phillips is a skilled member of Wetworks who, like all others in the group, has a military or some type of armed forces, background. He of course was granted the chance to be bonded to the symbiotic golden armor, which is the calling card for the team of killers. The amazing armor enhances his body and natural abilities but it boosts his strength to super human levels. The armor also increases the wearers durability by providing him near invulnerability, its incredibly resilient but still fallible. He and all others on his team and with the golden armor can communicate telepathically and they are mentally connected. The armor also causes the wearer to develop their own unique special power that only they have and not the other armor wearers. Along with the armors powers, Jason Phillips is an excellent marksman and is well versed in hand to hand combat. While the team was on a mission to destroy the Vampire Nation, Flattop and Crossbones died in the ensuing battle against the undead.

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