Why I became excited for Flashpoint Today

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Honestly I have a love hate relationship with giant crossover story arcs with tons of tie ins.  Especially since when one ends another seems to start up right away. Right after Blackest Night came Brightest day, and as thats coming to an end Flashpoint is beginning.  I honestly do not believe that am the only one who has been getting bored of these.  But something happened today that got me excited for this:  I found out that Peter Milligan will be doing the Secret 7 book and it appears to star Shade, The Changing Man.  That right there sold me on this story, I loved the Shade books and I loved him in Hellblazer recently and I am actually interested in seeing him interact with some alternate versions of DC characters.  

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That's cool, I'm excited for Flashpoint as well  =D

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you sir, are a winner in your taste of comics, I find myself in the same boat...granted I'm not excited per say, kind of nervous what Milligan + Shade + Mainstream will = but I do love me some Milligan and Shade and his current Hellblazer is my favorite run by any writer on the book so far.

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@aztek the lost
I'm hoping that since it is only 3 issues they will let him go nuts with it and do whatever he wants.  Milligan is definitely killing it on Hellblazer, I hopes he never leaves
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@GraveSp: that would be nice but this Shade probably won't be like the Vertigo one at all and putting him on a team of superheroes...idk...I just got to think of it as an Elseworlds

Shade's one of my favorite characters and his appearances in Hellblazer last year were his first actual appearances in like two decades so I'd like him to be used more in the Vertigo universe, preferably with a maxiseries or ongoing even...I'm worried he's getting passed along to the DCU permanently and this is there way of "respecting" Milligan's past with the character by giving him this one story

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