where to start in the event

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well always read marvel but i am kinda sick of fear itself and trying to get into flashpoint but i dont know any DC stuff
so can someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction of where to start stuff like prelude prequels and stuff like that also what ongoing series tie ins are helpful to the plot
please help fear itself is a waste of money

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Your best bet is to go out and get the main flashpoint books. None of the ongoings tie into it except booster gold. And the perlude stuff in the flash anit really worth it. You should read the reviews up on the site too see if any of the tie-ins are worth your time but you really dont need them to figure out whats happening in the main book.  

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@higher_evolutionary: You should probably read the last Flash series by Geoff Johns before you start Flashpoint. It's only 12 issues long.
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if you have the money to spare, read the Geoff Johns Flash, i think the collected edition is out, however if you can't afford it, no biggie, it's not crucial to Flashpoint, as for the main arc, start at Flash point #1 the tie ins aren't that important, but i would read Flashpoint "Wonder woman and the furies" and flaspoing "Emperor Aquaman' to see how the war in the story started, other than that the other tie ins are just for fun

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