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While the ending of Flashpoint was very dull, from my pov that is, I was wonder if anyone has any info on who the woman Barry sees at the end is? 
Atm i wont post pics of her, but she's got deep pink skin, wears a hood and has something that looks like facial tatoos (lines that go from her neck and narrows towards her nose, eyes and mouth). 
Possibly she is also to see as one of the spectators of Vic Stones football game in JL #1.
Someone on the DC boards mentioned the possibility of it being Donna Troy, probably due to her connection to the multiverse and all that. Another came up with it being Raven, due to her appearance in JL #1 (orginally Raven recruited Stone into the New Teen Titans).
But who do you guys and gals think/know it is?

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I think it's somebody completely new.

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hmm, thought it might belong here.

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