Is wally west behind flashpoint?

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 I'm not introducing the alphabet here, and i'm sure someone has suggested this at some point. I was just wondering nonetheless, is wally west behind this awesome  
sensation of an event called flashpoint? It would certainlay be an intriguing twist. Are there  clues we are overlooking? Thomas Wayne did ask barry allen if he(barry) could also affect the timestream like zoom. It would appear as if Thomas thinks he can, why else would he put so much faith in him? But if Barry can do it then that would mean the Wally should be able too as well. With Barry being back in the flash driver seat, is there really a need for wally west to be the flash? The simple answer is no. Two batmen might work for a little while but we knew that it would revert. And thats Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. That was more of a required step for the evolution of dick grayson the boy wonder to dick grayson man capable of replacing Batman. What should the next evolutionary step be for Wally West? Does he go Parralax for a few years? Just wonderin.... 

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