I was right about flashpoint Joker.

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Hello my brothers and sisters, Love from the one true God who is love. 
I hate to toot my own horn but toot, toot, ( okay i an jerk i'll stop)
While i was right, not about the pedo thing but about who flashpoint Joker was. On a blog post by VaizD I said as much. 
I simple figured out the clues in the scan of the page the joker first shows up on. The Joker lingered on the word mother and also i thought the long hair was a give away.
anywhy i want to here so thought on if you like this revelation or not. please give reasons not just yes or no. 
Peace and love

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I was right about G.W. Bush, and he exists in both comic books and the real world. 
What do I win?

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the same thing i got 
you get a benefit... the benefit of the doubt.
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Tell that to republicans

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I was the one who thought of the idea to make flavored water and hire Jackie Chan for the karate kid remake. What do I get? Cause it sure wasn't the fat check they should be giving me for stealing my ideas.I swear they have my brain hooked up to some kind of machine that steals all my good ideas. 
I like this reveal, it's interesting. Thomas and Martha Wayne dieing creates Batman, Bruce dieing creates both Batman and the Joker.

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