Flashpoint Updates?

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Can someone bring me up to date with Flashpoint please?? I'm reading the Hal Jordan and Abin Sure series. But its all confusing me...HELP!!!

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@clarkjordan27: I feel the same way.  The problem for me is that I haven't been reading DC titles regularly...  I'm trying to get into DC titles, but Flashpoint is just plain confusing because I'm not familiar with so many of the characters or plotlines that were happening BEFORE they were changed...
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Flashpoint isn't so hard to understand, basically, this is what you need to know: 

-Reverse Flash (Prof. Zoom) actually changed time, and with this change, created a whole  new Earth. 
-Barry Allen (Flash) is the only one in this new world that knows what's happened, but has false memories of things that happened on this new world (similar to House of M if you ever read that). In this world, he never got his powers, but he got them restored with the help of this world's Batman.
-Bruce Wayne and his mother are dead, and the Batman of this world is Thomas Wayne, Bruce's Father. He, unlike Bruce, kills. The only reason he's helping Barry with anything is because he wants Flash to make it so he died and not Bruce. 
-Wonder Woman and Aquaman are having a fierce war, and because of this, Europe is pretty much destroyed and the superhumans aren't really trusted. 
-Cyborg is trying to recruit a band of heroes to stop the war between the Amazons and Atlantians. He tried to get Batman, but he wanted no part of it. With Batman out, nobody else wanted in. It wasn't until Barry needed Cyborg's help that Batman decided to help Cyborg. 
-In order to fix things, Barry needs the help of one of the Earth's most powerful beings: Superman. To get to Superman, Barry got Cyborg and Batman's help. 
-In this world, Kal-El's spaceship crashed in Metropolis, leveling it. The government seized the ship and the baby and did many experiments on him. They called it Project Superman. Kal-El, who was never given a human identity, has never seen the world or was never under Earth's yellow sun, making him powerless. Barry, Batman, and Cyborg freed him from this holding, where he flew off and disappeared. 
-The last issue hinted that we're going to see Barry try to get a hold of Captain Marvel. 

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@Gambit1024: Thank you sooo much! do any green lanterns fit in this at all?
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@clarkjordan27:  the Guardians feel that do to the war between the Atlantians and Amazonians that the Earth is doomed...knowing that the White Entity is there they've sent Abin Sur to Earth to get the White Entity to safety but Abin feels that if he can stop the war then the Entity will be safe so he's defying the Guardians orders and is assisting Cyborg to try and stop the War
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ohhh,so that makes sense..ive only been reading that and the hal jordan ones..but thaanks.

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