Flashpoint: The Main Series

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Flashpoint - After the fist issue, it left me confused as it did a few other people I referred it too. Then I kept on going to the second and third issue, it started to all make sense to me. When I finished all 5 issues I realized how entertained I was by this story. It's very different and being a new reader to The Flash it made me want more. Some people aren't too interested with the whole changing off time like stories and that's fine, it doesn't change my opinion on the matter much. I enjoyed it and hope others do too.

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Off topic?

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@Supreme Marvel: It wouldn't allow me to click the Flashpoint tab so I said screw it. I have no idea how to change it once it's submitted either. Do you?

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Probably your first time here. Don't worry about it. A lot of people have alternative accounts, so it's hard to keep track.

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