Flashpoint cynic

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This the title pretty much covers my feeling of the up comming big thing in DC.

As interesting it might be to see DC's heroes under new settings with different pasts, i just have a feeling this will not be quite as awsome wicked as the teams writing it seems to make it sound like on DC's Blog. For one, they arent letting anything out, other than headlines that tell very little. Secondly as a TT fan i am personally sick to death about having to contend with Deathstroke as the only Titan creation that get do do anything outside of TT titles. However that ire is soothed somewhat by Cyborgs role in it all. Lastly I think it's boring that each and every event DC trots out is somehow tied to one of Big Seven of the JLA, FP is Flash, BN/BD was GL, Final Crisis was a Superman/Batman thing...and so on. It's not that i actually dislike the characters (mostly), but it's stale to see the same faces appear at the end of every story and nail whatever the problem was at the beginning.


/end of rant

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I only have one problem with Flashpoint:

 Weather Wizard's beard
Other than that I think it will be a fun event. I love Elseworld-type stories.
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Well, I admit, i do as well....but DC isnt the place to make them. The company has practically wiped out the 'non-canon' features from Elseworlds (when was the last time they made one?), while Marvel is alot better at utilizing their multiverse and alternate timelines. So with all the DC writers going bonkers with excitement, i am somehow inclined to compare them to a group of people celebrating their first cellphone while the rest of us are playing Angry Birds or something...

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@Outside_85: They closed out the actual Elseworlds line in early 2000s, but they seem to be bringing it back though. While yes, they may have been neglecting their alternate worlds doesn't mean they shouldn't do alternate universe stories ever. Grant Morrison is even doing a series of one shots exploring a couple of the 52 worlds.
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir:
Well thats sounds nice, was beginning to think they may have forgotten the other 51 earths beside Earth Prime.
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@Outside_85: Flashpoint sounds like a mixture of multiverse and time-travel drama.  In my humble opinion, DC handles time travel much more interestingly than Marvel.  They have put a lot more time and effort into developing characters and plots centered on the subject. I like both Marvel and DC but my biggest complaint about Marvel (lately) is how lack luster their major events are.  There are many here who I am sure do not share my thoughts - but I thoroughly enjoy Johns past, current and hopefully future endeavors at DC.  I am excited about Flashpoint, I do imagine that there will be some Flashpoint related material that I will pass on - but for the most part I am looking forward to it.
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@Outside_85: Yeah, they're called Multiversity.

Flashpoint kind a sounds like DC doing something in the vein the Age of Apocalypse or House of M.
 An intriguing concept imo.

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