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England has always made an easy target for the location of a futuristic dystopian totalitarian style of society.  This has been for many reasons. First and maybe primarily most of the great dystopian writers have been British - Huxley, Orwell, and More are all British.  Secondly for much of the past 500 years, Great Britain has been at the leading edge of political developments, so it is easy to think of  the philosophical spark for a utopia to start there, from which a dystopia could result.  Thirdly it is an island and thus self contained in a sense.  This saves on explanation of external relations in a dystopian world.  While reading Flashpoint and its many tie-ins, the first impression that I had of the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman was a mixture between 1984 and V for Vendetta.   I was hoping for some more developments on this theme in both the Wonder Woman and the Lois Lane tie-in but there has been little else revealed.  What is clear is that Great Britain is the setting for a a feministic version of a dystopian society where women are reprogrammed to be modern Amazons.  Has it taken the easy route to this concept?  I would say yes.  With the supposed destruction of Themyscira, there has been little justification why the Amazons would choose in its place the British Isles for their homeland, nor has there been really much reason as to why the Amazons might even want this island.  It seems like the writers are taking a short cut to achieve their desired end state by borrowing from the fictional achievements of others to achieve something which they didn't do much to build.  Of course in the end the final state of Flashpoint will be to reform the Justice League and battle the Reverse Flash, and the exploration of the dystopian society will only be a side note, but it still feels like something is being missed in the attempt to make this into something which so far it is not.  

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ENGLAND! ENGLAND! ENGLAND! know but seriously you are right. The Amazon's would get sick of it over here, it's always bloody raining.

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@azza04 said:

ENGLAND! ENGLAND! ENGLAND! know but seriously you are right. The Amazon's would get sick of it over here, it's always bloody raining.

I think they are there for the music and the comedy. Great music and comedians.  
Oh and nice blog Razzy. I tend to think some really interesting plots or story points tend to get rushed by or overlooked. Especially when it comes to such events from the big two. Maybe Flashpoint could have done something cool with its own Homefront/Front Line books. 
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Good blog. 
But, hey, in dystopian global view, England is just a satellite state of US in Europe, that will be taken out before the real fight with good old US of A...

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Well that was mostly just in the novel 1984.  In a lot of other forms (V for Vendetta or Children of Men for instance) England is just what it is.   
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@RazzaTazz: That´s true. Would it be fair to say, that there are two dystopian England`s, the one I mentioned and then the kind of isolated island scenario. I find the latter more interesting...28 days and weeks later comes to mind, any others?
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None come to mind, I will keep this in mind though.   
I guess you could say some of the stuff by sillitoe could be construed that way, even if it is set in modern England.  But that would be more like a precursor to dystopia. 
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It don't think Flashpoint is the only story that suffers from this, though. I don't remember there was any reason for why V for Vendetta was in Britain. I mean, it could have just as easily been in France or the States.

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That's true, but then Harrison Bergeron or Fahrenheit 451 could just have esily been any where else as well. 

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