Can someone explain to me what is Flashpoint?

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I'm really not understanding the purpose of it, how it happened, etc. Was it just to revamp the DCU? I'm not understanding.

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We really want explain it to you, but I didnt read the serious. All I know is flash drastically altered the timeline. I wasnt to reboot DCU

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Purpose? There is no purpose. They wanted to reboot DC and came up with some event to explain "how" it happened. It lacked the same impact and meaning that Crisis on Infinite Earths did.

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The Flashpoint timeline happened when Barry Allen went back in time to stop his mother from being killed...that resulted in a new once he realized what happened he went back in time and stopped himself from stopping his mother's death....the timeline started to fix itself but from what I gathered the Cloaked Lady intervened and merged the DCU, Wildstorm, and Vertigo Universes together so that it stood a better chance at defeating an upcoming, unidentified threat...and as it turns out they were always meant to be one universe but something happened that caused them to splinter...the merged result is the New 52 or what most people call it the DCnU

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I thought Vertigo was always part of the DCU?
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@JediXMan said:

@danhimself: I thought Vertigo was always part of the DCU?

Some of it may have been but I'm pretty sure that a majority of it was it's own separate the John Constantine in Hellblazer is a different John Constantine than the one in Justice League Dark and the Search for Swamp Thing'd be better off asking about it...he's the local Vertigo expert

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@JediXMan: It was a side universe with characters crossing over as needed as of DCnU it's part of DC proper. My understanding was that it was created to be a more adult orientated comics

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I always thought Vertigo was like a line between Universes. Where characters that wouldn't exactly fit well wit normal DC characters stayed, they could jump into the DCU when they needed to but could also be completely self contained. But then again I'm just guessing...

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Flashpoint is like one of that stories that you change a little thing and all the world change, then he makes the things right again but this "lady" emerges and alter everything, not very explaining to the New 52, too many tie-ins to explain what happened in each little aspects although I liked the end, was a sweet thing.

Not necessary to read, the lady is the guilty of the reboot not the event itself, if you wanted to know why the reboot was made (in comic reasons) is this:

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@JediXMan said:

@danhimself: I thought Vertigo was always part of the DCU?

the (non creator-owned) characters originated in the DCU but at some point (I don't know when "officially" but I'd say somewhere around 1996, which is just pure speculation on my part) all the characters that were still being actively used at Vertigo became "Vertigo universe" characters because as you can see in the more recent Vertigo comics featuring DCU characters, there is not even a whiff of a shared continuity (examples include Lucifer or Hellblazer or heck probably even Books of Magic where events literally shake the entire Vertigo universe but have no impact on DC)

Dan Didio himself stated (before The New 52 happened) that the Vertigo stuff wasn't in continuity in the DCU...which to be honest makes sense but it's not like it's an alternate Earth or anything


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