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FLASH QUESTION: How many must die to avenge Queen Hippolyta's death and satiate Diana's fury? 
There was once a time when Aquaman and Wonder Woman were to be married. For political reasons, it made perfect sense: with their powers combined, together they could conquer the world. But when Diana’s mother was killed by an Atlantean, Wonder Woman and Aquaman’s alliance was broken and the two became mortal enemies.

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Do Not Mess With Her. Do Not Bother Reading About Her Either. 0

After a very bland and lifeless first issue, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning try to get a little more personal with the conflict between Wonder Woman and Aquaman in this issue, only to end up with what reads like a very lazy effort from the writing team. It is a story that goes through the motions as if it barely cares and gives readers nothing.  Unfortunately, Wonder Woman and the Furies is probably the most important of the Flashpoint tie-ins, because this is where we are getting the history of th...

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Forces at play 0

I liked the first issue of this Flashpoint tie-in miniseries as the marriage of Diana and Arthur provided an interesting take on DC history, but here the action falls off substantially.  Much of the issue is spent in diplomacy in regards to the previous issue's assassination of Hippolyta.  The action is not particularly compelling here either as the two sides have to deal with geological or natural forces as much as with one another.  The sole interesting point was the battle between Hera and Di...

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