darkmatter23's Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint #1 - This World We Live In review

It's All Magic

The Rundown

 The world of Flashpoint has changed everything and now some of the characters are picking up the pieces. Traci 13 is dealing with the aftermath of a devastating disaster, that has changed her life forever. The world is in an upheaval and a group of leaders (HIVE Council) have decided that drastic actions must be taken.  How does this involve Traci? Read, you must.

The Like

If you are not familiar with the protagonist Traci, do not fret. In fact, I did not who this character was upon picking up this tie-in to the Flashpoint event . That being said, the character is written so well and her inner dialogue is so good that I instantly liked her character. The relationships in the story are quickly established and you get a good sense of what is going on right off the bat. The pace is quick and the tension towards the end is really thick. 
The art was overall good. It took a second for me to adjust, because the first few pages seemed very "cartoony" to me. But given the fact that there may have been a creative reason, it was understandable (two artist). The panels towards the end of the issue really were enjoyable and loved the choice of colors. Traci also looks very much like the character from "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. A definite plus.

The Dislike

My only issue would be, I was expecting an overall rundown of the World Of Flashpoint and not a linear/character driven read. Although I must say it was a nice surprise after having such a good read. 

Yea or Nay

Yea. The Flashpoint Event may empty your pockets, but for me, so far, it will be worth it.
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