the_mighty_monarch's Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint #1 - This World We Live In review

How the World Appears to Just One

The Good: It's interesting to see the Flashpoint world from a street level view. It's almost too much to take in, you really see the full scale of the world that's been crafted here. 
I really like the nice simple cover here. 
It's nice very emotional book. Im  already liking Traci 13. 
The members of the council in this story are all really interesting and clever choices. 
There's actually a plot rather than this just being a Flashpoint world tour. 
The Bad: Green Lantern Logo. Not too much of a bother here, but still. 
The end of the issue makes me wonder how this is going to be stretched out 2 more issues. 
Why does Traci 13 remember the real world? I guess we'll find out though. 
When did Traci and Blue Beetle break up? Last time I checked they were still together. 
In Conclusion: 4/5 
It's not the best Flashpoint tie-in so far, but it's certainly not the worst. I enjoyed it for all it was and I look forward to seeing this story develop. If you're a Traci 13 fan you should pick this up. But out of all the tie ins, this one showed us the most of the altered universe by far. If the Flashpoint world really interests you, you'll probably want to pick this up.

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Posted by blur1528

So I can assume Traci references Jaime?

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