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FLASH FACT: The Secret Seven are being slaughtered from within. Shade the Changing Man must figure out who it is in time, or he will have another team's death on his hands. 
With their identities revealed to the world, the Secret Seven are more vulnerable than ever before. So vulnerable in fact, that they start slaughtering each other from within. But who is to blame for these casualties? Which team members can be trusted? Could the rumors that someone on the team is working for Aquaman or Wonder Woman be true? It’ll be up to Shade The Changing Man to figure it out and put a stop to the traitor who is responsible before any more innocent blood is shed. Even if it means sacrificing himself.

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The questions remain 0

When first this series started I had some hopes of something good spinning out of the darkest title of Flashpoint tide of tie-in's, that I could happily ignore the rest of Flashpoint in favor of this title alone. And now that the final issue of the series has arrived i can safely conclude if my hopes were rewarded or dashed against jagged rocks.   SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.  Its the final issue and Amethyst lies dead and the other seven were nearly killed by the calls ...

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Hard to Care About a Team I Never Knew 0

With my review of the first issue, I said Secret Seven was an bit of an inaccessible story for readers not already familiar with Shade the Changing Man but that it was also still a good story for what it was. Now, I have to take the latter back. This is really not such a good story, possibly due to being too big of a story for a three issue limited series.  The story of the Secret Seven coming together and turning on one another is as broken as I guess some the characters themselves are supposed...

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