the_mighty_monarch's Flashpoint: Secret Seven #1 - Part One: Hunter's Moone review

What Did I Just Read?

The Good: The artwork is really nice. It's got a good dark edge to it, and makes for some pretty memorable trippy scenes that suit the story well. 
There's a pretty good mystery going on at the start. 
The Changing Man is a pretty interesting character. His insanity genuinely intrigues me. What DID happen to the previous Secret Seven? 
The Bad: Secret Seven? I mean, maybe this is about the mystery of who killed the Secret Seven, but for now I count only.... hmmm... 2. 
Seriously, what is the plot of this book? Why did Enchantress seek out The Changing Man? What the HELL is the deal with The Changing Man? There was FAR too much incomprehensible nonsense about his planet, and the old Secret Seven, and his vest? And some characters would appear to have on motive, then suddenly have the opposite motive, and they kept switching back and forth, and it was just a big incomprehensible mess. 
In Conclusion: 2/5 
The artworks nice and you get some cool surreal scenes, but the story is just a horrendous mess. There were a few things that seemed interesting, but I just wasn't wowed by the end. I might stick this through to the end, but I wouldn't advise following my insane descent. This is what my OCD gets me XP 
EDIT: From seeing other reviews, it sounds like if you're a fan of Shade, The Changing Man, you'll probably be a fan of this, so I guess I can recommend it to fans of Shade.

Posted by Trodorne

Though the art does look good, i don't think i would pick this up. and this review just solidified it for me.

Posted by JonesDeini

LOL I love how this books splitting opinions. 

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

It sounds like the people who liked this book are people who are already fans of The Changing Man.

Posted by Ironhawk22

I too will continue getting this book but I didn't really like the first issue I knew absolutley nothing that was going on it was just right when you even think you might have an idea of what's going boom something confusing  comes again most of the other tie-ins seem to be origins and leading up to the events of Flashpoint but this is hard to follow and isn't the origin of the Secret Seven.

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