josedriveratcr7's Flashpoint: Project Superman #1 - The Hero's Road review

Flashpoint: Captain Amer--I mean Superman.

This issue was better than I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be a mix between a "Capt America/soldier gets powers from govt" story and a "Superman gone crazy with power" story, and it kind of was, but it's fun and not as cliche as I thought it would be. If the Sinclair's, the protagonist, origin were to become Superman's origin  I would totally support it.  In the issue, after being given his powers he the govt, General Lane in particular, stops trusting Sinclair and paying attention to him, and when Sinclair tries to prove himself he screws up he gets punished. The ending is what really has me interested in this mini-series. Looking forward to the next issue.
As for the art, I liked it, though I can see how some people might hold a different opinion. If you have a problem with manga, specifically manga art, then you might have a problem with Sinclair, who looks like a mix between Steve Rogers and Goku. There have been some speculation that Sinclair might be Apollo from The Authority, and after reading this book that appearance wise there are some similarities. Maybe this is Apollo's origins.


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