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FLASH FACT! She is ready to reveal the Amazons' secret! 
Lois and Jimmy are on assignment in Paris covering a fashion show. Lois is talking with Perry asking for more serious work.  Concurrently the Atlanteans are launching an attack on Paris which results in Jimmy disappearing while Lois recovers his camera and is rescued by Amazons.  She is taken to London where she discovers she is to be retrained as a member of Amazon society.  She also discovers that Jimmy's camera is in fact a communication device and she uses it to talk with Cyborg.  She volunteers to fill Jimmy's position which was to collect information on the Amazons and make contact with the resistance.  As she progresses through the re-education she learns about Amazons society.  Just before being subjected to physical reconditioning (of which most people die) she escapes where she is partially rescued by a member of the resistance, but with Amazons on her tail she doesn't get far.  

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This is a fairly entertaining issue though the cover makes it look super-interesting and really something it is not (not yet anyway).  Lois and Jimmy are in London covering a fashion shoot where Lois complains about the lack of severity in her assignment when there is an ongoing war.   After Atlanteans attack Paris, Lois is rescued by Amazons and taken to London.  Jimmy has disappeared but as Lois finds out through a piece of his technology he was secretly working for Cyborg, who now recruits L...

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