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FLASH QUESTION: Will he be able to fly fast enough to escape his fate and defeat the Amazons? 
After saving the city from a monstrous attack by the Amazons, Hal Jordan has become a hero to the people of Coast City. But his ultimate test is still to come when the President of the United States chooses him for a top-secret mission that will ultimately change the face of history. Does Hal truly have what it takes to step up to the plate and prove himself as an American hero?

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Overall, this book is pointless 0

Many of the Flashpoint tie-in books have been fun, exciting, and add to the scope of the Flashpoint event. Then you have those that are dull, silly, and basically pointless. Without a doubt "Flashpoint Hal Jordan" falls into the second category. Issue #1 offered very little in terms of Flashpoint relevance but had just enough question in it's ending to bait me in for issue #2. But after reading the second book, the story feels even less important and does nothing to make me even care about what...

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What If Abin Sur never died? 0

     Cover I liked the cover for this issue. The art was pretty good and concept showed pretty much what the whole issue was about. Story Hal Jordan has saved the alien Abin Sur now he has been chosen by the President to fly Abin Sur’s alien ship. Best Part I liked seeing kind of a what if issue as a mini series for flashpoint. Since Abin Sur did not die Hal Jordan instead of being a Green Lantern has become a test pilot for the alien craft. Worst Part When I was trying to write th...

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