keith71_98's Flashpoint: Grodd of War #1 - Grodd of War review

A Nice Surprise

Flashpoint: Grodd of War" is a DC one-shot that manages to give the reader a taste of the state of Africa in the warped world of Flashpoint. 

Sean Ryan writes this one-shot that doesn't feel or end like a one-shot. Obviously Grood will have a role to play as Flashpoint continues and this issue serves more as a character study of a brutal, savage king who can't get his fill of war. Ryan's story is good and I was surprised at how much I liked the issue. But there are scenes that didn't resonate with me. While I know the depiction of the Grood's brutality was intended to show the savagery and bloodlust of this unfullfilled king, some of it felt hamfisted and forced. I was also dissappointed that this was only a one-shot. The ending left me feeling there was much more story that could be told here. But perhaps that's more of a testement to the high quality of this issue and the potential for a heavier story. This is a book I really wish would have gotten three issues. 

Ig Guara handles the art and he does an amazing job. I imagine gorillas aren't the easiest to draw but he handles it with amazing precision and detail. The violence is spectacularly brutal and Guara really captures the anger, frustration, and personality of Grood just through facial expressions. This is some top-notch work. 

It's hard for me to rate Grood of War. I fully recognize it as a high quality book with amazing art and solid storytelling. Also it adds to the scope of the Flashpoint event, giving us a good look at this strange new world. Perhaps I'm struggling with my rating because I'm unable to seperate this genuinely strong issue with my dissappointment that a lot of potential storytelling is lost due to this being a one-shot. But measuring it's merit on this one issue, it's a wonderful book that many may skip. That would be a shame because it's really worth reading


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