battlepig's Flashpoint: Grodd of War #1 - Grodd of War review

He's not a monkey, he's an ape

Grodd has won. Africa is his. Every living being on the entire continent is under his rule. Still, the gorilla with the psychic powers is frustrated. He wants more. He wants fame.
The Good

  • The art. Ig Guara - who has an awesome name, by the way - delivers very good art. Grodd looks menacing and frustrated at the same time. Given the fact that Guara is probably used to drawing humans and does that way more often than he draws gorillas in cars with helmets on who happen to have the ape-equivalent of a midlife-crisis, he does an excellent job. And even if drawing apes in cars with helmets on who happen to have the ape-equivalent of a midlife-crisis on a regular basis, he does a very good job.
  • This panel. It is hilarious.

  • The story is very interesting. From the get-go, I was impressed with the direction it took and the execution of it. All in all, I felt greatly entertained by this book. And that legitimately surprised me. Because, let's be honest, nobody expected a book about Gorilla Grodd - one of the more outlandish characters from Flash's rogue gallery - to be a) serious and b) good.
The Bad
  • There is this one big plot-hole, I can't get over. I'm used to there being insane stuff happening in comics and so a conquering ape does not surprise me all that much anymore. This, however, does. Grodd's only motivation in this comic book is that the gets attention, what with him being the Africa-conquering hyper-intelligent Gorilla with psychic powers and a really nice armour. And he doesn't get attention, which he is miffed about. Now, let's look at this from a different angle: A hyper-intelligent Gorilla with an army of apes, psychic powers, cars and guns is conquering an entire continent and not one news-outlet in the world is noticing? Do you think that this is something that could actually happen, especially in the DCU where the Daily Planet is apparently the omnipresent über-awesome newspaper of awesomeness?
  •  After about the third kill, Grodd killing people and apes is kind of boring. Luckily, this is a one-shot, so it doesn't matter much, because he wouldn't have to rely on a roster of support characters in issues to come. So it's okay to off them all. 
  • The cover does not do the inside art justice. Manapul is awesome and everything, but the actual comic book art is just so much better.
  • What's with the eight-page advertisement for Subway Sandwiches? Rarely have I seen something that is so jarring in its presence than this. It absolutely destroys the reading flow. I should review this comic. Scathing review extraordinaire, that would be.
  • And I think we know by now that DC has a new movie out. And I think that we all agree that the less said about it, the better. So stop with the twenty pages of "You must watch Green Lantern!"-ads in every book. In fact, due to the negative reviews I've read and them ramming down ads down our throats until we choke on them, I have little to no motivation to go see the movie. In fact, I'll probably wait for it to appear on DVD and even then quite probably get the bargain-bin version.
The Verdict
You don't have to read this book. It's inconsequential and if you know that Grodd rules Africa, you're set to observe the inevitable big fight in the pages of Flashpoint's main book that features the giant ape. Still, this book has a couple nice moments, it's rather entertaining and the art is brilliant.
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