harleyquinnhawkgirl's Flashpoint: Grodd of War #1 - Grodd of War review

Africa of the Apes.

Flashpoint: Grodd of War-one shot.

Ok well first off I'd like to say that I bought this because I never really read anything with Grodd in it before but from what I remembered from Justice League the animated series I really wanted to read this. From what I read this seems just like the way he was in the show except a bit more bored and savage (very savage). Grodd now rules Africa in the midst of all this chaos within Flashpoint. Grodd has become very upset and bored because no one knows him or his accomplishments. He hates Aquaman for having control in Europe and everyone knows him. Grodd savagely slaughtered most of Africa. He orders for certain gorrillas so he can just kill them in battle. Anyone that challenges Grodd he kills. The issue ends with Grodd wanting to go into Europe and conquer it. 

To be honest I really didn't think this was that bad of a comic. It was self contained and interesting to read. We really don't get to see Grodd in comics that often so I thought this was a good way to break him out to the public more. I like how irony was used in this issue. When Grodd washed himself off in the shower was so ironic because gorrillas are dirty and I didn't think they'd ever want to be clean. What was also ironic was how official Grodd was treated as like king or president. He was driven by limo!  
ART: I did like the art in this issue. The art truly exemplified Grodd's ruthless mentality which I never really knew he had. The cover's art is the best! I love Francis Manapul's art and I can always tell when he draws something! 
The BAD!

Theres a point where gore gets rediculous. The gore just about got to that point. I was hoping Grodd would have something to do with Flash in this issue but that didn't happen so that disappointed me. 

IN MY OPINION I enjoyed this comic but it seems many others didn't so I say pick it up. 4 out of 5.


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