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Spoiler Alert: Frankenstein killed Hitler

Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown is a bit different than the other Flashpoint tie-ins. Frankenstein and his crew were put into suspended animation after WWII, in which Frankenstein killed Adolf Hitler, and they all awake in 2011 to a world that is new and different. Plus, ANOTHER Batman villain dies.

The Good

Peace out Hitler! I'm always in favor for Hitler dying in a comic, especially if the person killing him is Frankenstein. Now, I still haven't read Seven Soldiers, and I've never been the biggest Frankenstein fan, in any form of fiction, but I loved everything about this issue. Jeff Lemire, sets the story and issue up very well. We get a great background on this team, where they're from, and where they're supposedly going. The writing flows well, and characters I wasn't previously interested in have become characters I'm dying to know more about.
The art in this issue is awesome. Much like the Flashpoint tie-in Citizen Cold, the art is soft, but the colors really pop out. Ibraim Roberson did the art in this issue, and Pete Pantazis was on colors. I loved the variety of characters in this issue. It wasn't just a bunch of heroes in spandex, it was a monster party. I was very skeptical about this issue, but now I'm hooked for the whole mini-series. I'd love to see how these guys play a role in Flashpoint!

The Bad

Hey, Super 8 ad. I see you there. Shakin that thang. Seriously though, enough. At times, I felt like the issue was also a bit wordy. Not a big problem though.

The Verdict

Another dynamite Flashpoint tie-in? I am confused, and I'm only confused because there's never been this many tie-ins I've enjoyed in a major summer event. I recommend this issue, but not as much as Batman or Citizen Cold. It's still insanely solid, but the characters may not be as interesting to you, and it's hard to tell what role these guys will play in Flashpoint. It's still highly entertaining, extremely well-written, and the art is fantastic.
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Posted by doordoor123

This has been my favorite Tie-in so far. I could see how you could like Citizen Cold or Batman better and I probably would too if I wasnt so pleasantly surprised.
This issue makes me want to pick up Grant Morrison's run on Frankenstein and pick up the relaunched series. Very good. *****

Posted by longbowhunter

Sounds good, but the my budget says no. Love Jeff Lemire, looking forward to his Animal Man series.

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