kingskeletor's Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #1 - The Show Must Go On review

A Surprisingly Fun Issue

Again, I gotta agree with G-Man's review for this issue, the cover alone is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so tempted to get it blown up and turned into a real poster for my room.  Chiff Chiang has outdone himself I'm looking forward to picking up the title for the remaining 2 issues... but not for his covers alone.
JT Krul is a polarizing writer (from his great Teen Titans run to his derided Arsenal series), but here he brings his A-game.  If you've been reading Brightest Day, much of the Deadman stuff will seem like a rehash.  But I really like that Krul is investing in an emotional heart in this story.  Boston Brand is a reckless and narcissistic jerk and its great to see him in contrast to the loving and humble Grayson family.  It's really interesting to see that Dick Grayson is still the kind and caring person he is even with his parents alive.  It shows he's more well adjusted that most superheroes and importantly, Boston Brand.  The issue is about family and I have to rave about Mikel Janin's art and he's really making a name for himself in this issue.
Mikel Janin's art is worth the price of the issue, he has a very textured and homely feel to his art.  His lines are clean and simple and his inking and coloring are very warm and inviting.  Honestly it's a very successful style for the European travels of Haley's Circus.  You get a great atmosphere of the group mentality of the circus.  Also I enjoy his rendition of King Shark.  I hate that he's going to be a Hammerhead shark in the new DCU.  But cameos by King Shark and Ragdoll are cute and happy additions.
What this issue does is that is achieves it's goal of providing a self-contained story while tying into the Flashpoint framework.  Wonder Woman's furies provide an ominous threat and cliffhanger.  We really care for Dick in this issue and we hope Boston survives long enough to understand the value of family.   The hook of the series is that Deadman through Dr. Fate sees tragedy for Dick Grayson. The tension comes from the violent Furies rampaging through Europe for Dr. Fate and the fact that lives depend on a probably the most selfish and egotistical man in DC comics.
And here Krul succeeds in investing the reader to the narrative and tying it Flashpoint.  I'm very happy to pick up the next issue, this is definitely one of the better titles to spin off from Flashpoint.  If Krul keeps this up, he's due for some well deserved success, let's hope he keeps this up.

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