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FLASH FACT! For their last performance – an escape act!

Haley's Circus is travelling through Europe, providing entertainment for various cities and a means of survival on the run from the war. The show's 'sideshow freaks' draw crowds with the inhuman flexibility of Ragdoll, the grotesque appearance and strength of King Shark, and the future-predicting abilities of a helmeted Dr. Fate. However, the large crowds come to see the Circus' acrobats and main attraction, Deadman and the Flying Graysons. Boston Brand, Deadman, is an arrogant, abrasive trapese artist that performs death-defying feats, while the Graysons are a family of three that put on a conventional show. When Dr. Fate shows Boston a glimpse into the future, it becomes clear that Fate is more than just a carnival attraction.

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Life is a Circus 0

Story/Writing Deadman and the Flying Graysons are the star performers at Haley's Circus, which is traveling from town to town throughout eastern Europe in flight from the Amazons and Atlanteans who have submerged and decimated the west. The story is essentially about the importance of union and cohesion between family and friends, especially in the midst of trying times, and a criticism of solipsism and arrogance. But it also offers some very interesting parallels between the relationships of De...

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Strangely satisfying 0

Color me surprised. I really didn't know what to expect from this book but was drawn by it's unusual concept and very catchy cover. I'm happy to say this is a fun issue that not only is entertaining on it's own merit, but actually does add a little depth to the entire world of Flashpoint.  J.T. Krul writes this story of a traveling circus trapped in Europe and unable to get back to the United States due the war raging between the Amazons and the Atlanteans. Krul puts together some great charact...

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