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The Batman We Always Wanted?

What makes Batman?  To many, it's the fact that he doesn't kill his enemies.  He rises above that.  Even though he is a vigilante, above the law, he still tries to do things correctly.  But who hasn't grown frustrated at the inability of Arkham or Gotham's prisons to hold Batman's enemies?  Who hasn't wished that, just once, Batman would wipe that smirk off Joker's face forever?  Well, this Batman does!  And it really makes me think about whether I find that cathartic or whether it just goes to prove that Batman is truly not Batman if he kills his enemies.  At any rate, it must be fun for Azzarello to write the Batman of fanfiction author's dreams.  It's an alt-reality where Thomas Wayne is Batman.  And it's a Batman who kills without remorse.   
I love the first scene and I wish that went longer, stealing some panels from the Croc fight.  Part of me wishes this Batman would get legs as a line of DC's version of Marvel's Ultimate.  Maybe it will?  Who knows.  Given what this Batman says both in this book and in the main Flashpoint book, I wonder if the point of Flashpoint is to setup a One Fine Day or w/e Spider-man's book was called where he lost his marriage to MJ.  In exchange for leaving the evil world of Flashpoint, we have to reset history and DC gets their new #1s.  Although, because of the way they've put out their press releases, maybe we get origin stories at the same time as continuing on with nice, mature super heroes?  We'll know in a few months.  For now, enjoy this alternate Batman who gives in to his baser instincts.

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